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With the guide at hand, you can tailor your very own gastro routes. You can explore and be inspired, and if you want it to be extra easy, you can choose one of our combined taste and experience tours below. The tours are divided by theme and we believe there is something for every taste – whether you are into gourmet, family trip, or want to taste the history in the areas. 

Explore Vejle’s gastronomic universe.

Vejle has gastronomic experiences in a class of their own for the family with children, the couple and the foodies. Below we have gathered a number of different tour suggestions ready for you to explore.

Dive into our universe filled with inspiration and spiced with selected routes. Remember to check opening hours and whether the visit needs to be booked before arrival.

And then there is nothing else to say than Enjoy your meal, Bon Appetite, Guten Appetit, God Appetit, Bon Appètit.

Farm shops and family experiences

We start our tour at Tinnetgård, a visiting farm near Give. Here you can experience a cozy Danish farm, pet the animals and visit their cozy farm shop. In the farm shop and nursery, you can buy fresh, local products that are grown and produced on the farm. Outside opening hours, you can also find a selection in Vejboden.

After the visit to Tinnetgård, we continue to Give town, where you can choose between different activities. For example, you can visit Museum Give, go on a sculpture walk or spend the rest of the day in Givskud Zoo, where you can get close to the animals.

The next stop is Jelling. Here you can visit Kongernes Jelling and learn about Denmark’s Viking history. For lunch, you can enjoy local beers at Byens Café, or you can taste Viking-inspired food at Café Sejd.

On the way to Vejle, we recommend a stop at Hopballe Mølle Farm Shop. Here you can find delicious, local products that you can take home.

Our last stop is Randbøldal, where the children can visit the Randbøldal Museum, while the adults can buy a locally produced beer from BLAS.

Gårdbutik ved Tinnetgaard


Byens Café bygning udenfor i sol aften

Byens Cafe

BLAS økologisk øl

BLAS – økologisk øl

From watering hole to watering hole – The best bars in Vejle

Fancy a glass of wine? At Anduma wine bar, there is wine for all taste buds – and no snobbery. Here you are expertly guided by the bar’s host, who also offers Nordic tapas with Danish cheeses and charcuterie.

Anduma Vinbar med tapas og vin

Anduma Vinbar


A few minutes’ walk from there is ToRVEhallerne, where skilled bartenders are ready to offer tasty drinks in their Gin Bar, or at SMWS, where golden drops of whisky flow.

SMWA The Scotch Malt Whisky Society udvalg af alkohol

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society


No. 14 wine bar in the authentic Smidtske Gård offers exquisite tapas and wines to match. You can also take a stop in Paladspassagen, where you will find a champagne and wine bar, board games, pool and darts.

Paladspassagen Social Dining


If you want to explore Vejle’s nightlife, you can read more on VisitVejle’s website: Vejle’s nightlife | VisitVejle


Gastronomic Bike Tour.

Experience Vejle’s restaurants on two wheels. Here is a suggestion for a tasty bike tour that starts in Vejle, continues to Brejning Marina, on to Børkop and back again.

Find the route on Google Maps here: Rute til Gastronomisk Cykeltur | Vejle – Brejning Lystbådehavn – Børkop

First stop – Onkel A: Start the day with a morning board at the No Waste café Uncle A. Here nothing is thrown away, and the dishes disappear during the day as they are sold out. Therefore, it is a good idea to book a table or come in good time. Their brunch and open sandwiches are legendary and a favorite among the locals.

Onkel A café front facade af bygning

Onkel A


🚴‍♂️Then take the bike to Brejning Marina. You can follow Ibæk Strandvej, which runs along the south side of the fjord, and continue up through Munkebjerg Forest along Munkebjergvej. The trip offers a good climb and hairpin bends, so remember to fill up your water bottle. Turn onto Skovbyvej and then follow Vigen Skovvej until you reach Sellerup Strandvej. Follow Sellerup Strandvej, which continues into Vandværksvej, until you reach the marina. The trip from Vejle to Brejning Marina is about 15 km.

Second stop – Restaurant Galionen: With the most beautiful view over Vejle Fjord, you can enjoy your lunch and a cold refreshment at Restaurant Galionen. The menu includes open sandwiches and shooting stars, and in the summer season you can also get moules frites. Enjoy the break and find a place in the sun before you jump back on the bike.

Brejning Havn Restaurant Galionen front terrasse servering

Restaurant Galionen


🚴‍♂️ After a well-deserved break, the trip now goes towards Børkop. Leave the marina via Dyrehaven, and turn left onto H. O. Wildenskovsvej. H. O. Wildenskovsvej continues as Brejning Østergade. Then turn left onto Borgergade, which continues as Brejning Søndergade. Continue to the roundabout, and take the second exit onto Fælleshåbsvej, which continues as Kirkbakken. Turn left onto Møllegade and continue to Restaurant Børkop Vandmølle. The trip from Brejning Marina to Børkop Vandmølle is about 6 km.

Third stop – Børkop Vandmølle: You have now reached the idyllic Restaurant Børkop Vandmølle. The menu follows the season, and there are always many delicious Nordic dishes to choose from. We encourage you to park the bike for a while and take a stroll along the forest paths. Here hides one of Thomas Dambo’s hidden trolls. If you want to learn about the history of Børkop Vandmølle, you can visit Farbror Svends Samling. Read more here: Børkop Watermill – milling & Farbror Svends Collection | VisitVejle

Børkop Vandmølle kig gennem restaurant

Børkop Vandmølle


🚴‍♂️ Vi er nu nået til hjemturen. Her kan du vælge følgende tre ruter:

🚴‍♂️ We have now reached the return trip. Here you can choose the following three routes:

  • The easy one: If your legs are tired, you can take the train from Børkop Station to Vejle. The train runs approximately every half hour. Remember to buy a ticket for your bike. You can check for more information.
  • The beautiful, but long one: Take the same way back to Vejle. Approximately 21 km.
  • The direct one: The shortest way to Vejle is to take Møllegade to Borggårdsvej. Borggårdsvej continues into Amaliegade. Turn right onto Skolebakken which continues into Vognsvadvej. Turn left and follow Andkærvej. Turn right and follow Fredericiavej/Route 28. Fredericiavej will take you back to Vejle city. The trip is approximately 13 km. See the route on Google Maps here: Rute til Gastronomisk Cykeltur | Vejle – Brejning Lystbådehavn – Børkop


Taste Denmark in the middle of Vejle

Do you want to sink your teeth into Danish specialties? On a tour around Vejle’s city center, you can easily find everything the food-loving heart desires.

Start at SmagDansk where the shelves are full of Danish goods with great stories – and here you can always get a taste. Then take a leisurely walk on Vejle’s beautiful pedestrian street, where you will find a wide range of well-known brands and specialty shops.

Read all about the shopping opportunities on VisitVejle’s website: Go shopping in Vejle | VisitVejle

SmagDansk butik front med planter



When the small hunger needs to be satisfied, you will find organic and homemade delicacies at Madkunst. For the sweet tooth, you can get delicious Bornholm temptations at Kjærstrup, and a very special cream bun soft ice cream! You can also step between the pages of Miss Jensen’s cookbook at Restaurant Jacobsen, where the classic Danish dishes like fried pork and parsley sauce are the highlight of the evening.

Kjærstrup Bornholmske fristelser og chokoladeglæde hvid chokolade



Stegt flæsk med persille og kartofler hos Jacobsen

Restaurant Jacobsen


Tasty street food

Crispy fries, spicy kebab or hot dogs with all the trimmings. If you can’t get enough of street food, this is the right tour for you.

At Kokkens Pølsevogn, you can satisfy both the small and large hunger. Here you can get delicious quality hot dogs to the large gold medal, but you should also not cheat yourself for their iconic roast pork sandwich. Nothing is spared here, and the combination of the crispy and salted pork rinds together with tender meat and pickled things in a soft bun, results in a taste explosion beyond the usual.

Kokkens ribben flæskestegssandwich fra Kokkens Pølsevogn

Kokkens Pølsevogn


If you visit Paladspassagen Social Dining, you can help yourself to no less than six world cuisines. Here you can enjoy everything from wonderful pizzas, juicy burgers, Indian stews, fresh tacos, tasty pitas and crispy spring rolls.




Er du mere til fisk, kan det anbefales at smutte forbi Havnens Fiskehus. Her kan du få lækre fiskefrikadeller med remoulade og forskellige røgede specialiteter lige til at hapse – vi garanterer, at det er en god fangst! Går du rundt i byen, vil du desuden støde på et væld af shawarma- og sandwichbarer, pizzeriaer og meget andet street food lige til at gribe med sig på vejen.

Havnens Fiskehus køledisk

Havnens Fiskehus

A time and taste journey through the Vejle area

9 AM: Breakfast in Vejle – buns and sustainability

This time and taste journey through the Vejle area naturally begins with breakfast. At Folmers Mikrobageri in the middle of Vejle city, you can enjoy a delicious sourdough bun with cheese, baked with flour from local producers. If you have a slightly larger morning appetite, it is recommended to enjoy a brunch at Onkel A, a zero waste café, which serves a brunch board with everything the heart desires of fresh fruit, eggs, bread, yogurt, tapenades, cheese, cold cuts, vegetables and cake.

Brød hos Folmers Mikrobageri

Folmers Mikrobageri

Onkel A café front facade af bygning

Onkel A

10:00 AM: Grejs Cliffs Tour – Ice Age and Rock Formations

Travel from Vejle to the scenic Grejsdalen, one of Denmark’s deepest valleys, featuring 50-70 meter high forested slopes and the winding Grejs River. Witness unique Ice Age landscapes and authentic rock formations at Grejs Hill, made of foamstone used in medieval churches.

Read more about Grejs Valley here: The valley of Grejs – Grejsdalen in Vejle | VisitVejle

11:00 AM: Kongernes Jelling – Viking Era Echoes

Next, visit Jelling, a pivotal site in Danish history. Explore the unique monument area, where Denmark’s first kings consolidated power and introduced Christianity. The site, including the two Jelling stones, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Conclude with a visit to Kongernes Jelling, an interactive museum narrating Viking and Jelling monument histories.

Read more about the hisotry of Jelling here: Experiences with Vikings in Jelling | VisitVejle

1:30 PM: Lunch at Jelling Kro – Danish Delicacies

Continue the Viking journey with lunch at the atmospheric Jelling Kro. Enjoy the historical ambiance in the courtyard, overlooking burial mounds and ancient structures, while savoring traditional Danish dishes like egg cake with pork, “stjerneskud”, or a flavorful platter with shrimp, herring, plaice fillet, cheese, cake, and rye bread. Cheers and enjoy!

Jelling Kro gul facade og Jelling høj

Jelling Kro

15:30: Bindeballe Merchant’s House – Nostalgia and Trade History

Post-lunch, visit the historic Bindeballe Merchant’s House, a store preserved as it was in 1897. Experience an authentic old-time shop with original counters, enamel signs, goods, and price lists. It also houses Denmark’s largest merchant museum with over 5,000 items, some over a century old. Conclude with coffee and cake in the cozy café.

Read about Bindeballe Merchant’s house here: Old grocer’s shop Bindeballe Købmandsgård (

Kaffestuen på Bindeballe Købmandsgård kasse

Bindeballe Købmandsgård

At 5:30 PM: Historical Walking Tour in Vejle

Embark on a historical walk in Vejle, starting at Sønderbro and continuing through Søndergade. Admire the Den Smidtske Gård from 1799 and Vejle’s neo-Gothic Town Hall. Conclude at the Saint Nicolai Church from the 13th century, and consider visiting the Kulturmuseet in Spinderihallerne for more local history.

Find more about the history of Vejle and the many different your suggestions here:The historic Vejle | VisitVejle

18:30: Diverse Dining Options in Vejle

Vejle offers a range of dining experiences, from casual street food at Social Dining in Paladspassagen to exquisite Michelin-starred meals. MadRick is ideal for budget-friendly, quality meals with multi-course options. For a luxurious dining experience, visit the Michelin-starred Restaurant Lyst, set in Olafur Eliasson’s iconic Fjordenhus building.

Paladspassagen Social Dining

Udenfor MadRick skilt med logo i Vejle Midtpunkt



I køkkenet hos Restaurant LYST forberedes maden





Taste Vejle with a Guide

Guideservice Denmark offers various food tours around the city, where you can taste Vejle’s flavors with a guide.

The tours focus on fine craftsmanship, savory and sweet cuisine, and refreshing beverages. Currently, the following tours are offered: