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Welcome to a unique gastronomic experience in the absolute top league.

LYST is located on the upper floor of the spectacular Fjordenhus building. The ambition at LYST is to create a meal – an experience – as committed and uniquely accomplished as the architecture of the building itself. In a process of mutual inspiration, the building has influenced the food, while the local ingredients have in turn inspired the design of the dining space, chairs, glass, furniture, tableware, and not least the custom-composed soundscape that accompanies an evening at LYST. No detail is left to chance, although the experience is not overly controlled either.

Naturally, you can simply dine at LYST. But first and foremost, you are invited to sense, navigate and enjoy an intense space where gastronomy, the arts and a human interaction merge into a single symphonic event over the course of just a few hours. These may sound like big words – a sizeable mouthful. But it is a venture we embrace. No two days are alike at LYST. The menu changes daily and is determined by the specially constructed barometer, which is based on the 4 elements of fire, earth, air and water.


Photo: Søren Gammelmark


Havneøen 1, 7100 Vejle

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