Solhøjgaard Organic Farm

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Solhøjgaard Organic Farm

Close to Nørup you will find our family-owned, organic farm. We, Helle and Per, live on the farm with our three children Aske, Gry and Otto, our dog
Svend and not least our organic pigs. The pigs live the good life, with curls on their tails, under the open sky and with access to one
nice hut with straw. The animals we slaughter for the farm shop live their whole lives in the fields and in the forest here with us – with plenty of opportunity to root in the ground and
live the good pig life. This ensures a very special quality and taste in the meat.
In our farm shop you can buy everything from minced meat and liver pate, to grilled sausages and medisters, to all the good roasts and cuts you can find
a pig. In fact, we have a selection of more than 30 different items on the list – so there is something for everyone.
All meat is bought frozen and it is regularly possible to buy half, finely divided pigs, which are packed, labeled and ready to put in the freezer.


Nørupvej 30, 7321 Gadbjerg

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