Me|Mu Restaurant

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Me|Mu Restaurant

Michelin-rated restaurant in the heart of Vejle

At Restaurant Me|Mu you will enjoy a gourmet experience in a tranquil and intimate setting where you can immerse yourself in the season’s carefully selected ingredients. We only use produce of the highest quality and from many local suppliers. We give great emphasis to your wellbeing and on providing a complete experience, pairing food with wine. Here, you will be treated to small servings prepared by masterly chefs with a great sense of detail, flavour and aesthetics. Me|Mu is the only restaurant in Vejle awarded a Michelin star. You can also visit the Me|Mu bistro, located just 100 metres from the restaurant.


Torvegade 9 D, 7100 Vejle

Working hours

Check opening hours via Facebook or website.

2114 0077